Miss Minoes

Miss Minoes
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How sweet and charming. What a delight - and fabulous cats.

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magical, cute, loving, amazing actors, decors and imaging. great movie.

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Very cute! Some good laughs too.

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Really really fun & charming movie, especially if you like cats. And we loved hearing Dutch spoken too. The human cat never loses her cat like qualities, but she never becomes too slapstick feline. Nice balance.
My 15 year old daughter & I watched together &enjoyed it.

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A nice cat-friendly caper. Ran on about 15 mins too long though.

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Great fun family movie!!

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Great movie!

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Loved this movie. Cats are adorable.

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This one has nine lives! A charming, entertaining film.

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must say original .. v different but cute

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Sooo sweet and lovely!!

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LOVEEEEEE IT!!!! Must See movie

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Totally sweet. A great movie for children, or adults that still remember how to be a kid. The camera just loved Carice van Houten who carried the movie.

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Loved this...ailurophiles will love it...so will ailurophobes!

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My second time watching this really cute and witty film. Great to watch when you don't want anything too serious. The subtitling wasn't synched when I streamed it, not sure why. Also seemed like not all of it was translated either. But, it doesn't matter...it's easy enough to get the gist ...Read more

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