Miss Representation

Miss Representation
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So far I've checked out several so called 'women' films with either men narrating them, or are about men at the center of the themes. Harvey Weinstein, the Wonder Woman author, who was a man, young men blah blah blah who do not get it, so on and so forth. I decided a while back to watch ...Read more

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EXCELLENT!!.. made me seriously look at the misogynistic conditioning that has taken place in my life and the necessity to examine every corner of my thoughts and assumptions.

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Outstanding! A must see for everyone. Thank you Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

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Mentors, Role Models, and Solutions. Thank you so much for including this, after the startling look at how everyday people (myself included) have been playing into these 'norms' without ever realizing.

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The media is the message and the message is created by men. Men in a society that is uncomfortable with equality and women being in a position of power. As women, we can do better to support each other and accept our power. Men can do better by supporting us and acknowledging our power.

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Monique Teries

When women stop letting money, power, and privilege dictate the roles they play, the songs they sing, and what defines beauty, then and only then will women be taken seriously.Women fail to look at how they see themselves. Self-hatred is real both mentally and physically. Too women define ...Read more

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Dr. Eisler's "The Chalice and the Blade" is a historical perspective on how the male domination came into being , and offering an approach to achieve gender equality through an alternative partnership model.

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Excellent documentary. The media does a lot discredit women. If you don't look a certain way, you will be looked down upon which is totally wrong. Us women need to stand strong together (like we always do) and come up with ways to rise above the negative media portrayal . We need to know our ...Read more

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I remember watching this video a few years ago, and it still inspires me as much as it did when I first saw it. It is unacceptable how women are portrayed by the media and are reduced only to their looks.

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Watching this video showed the importance of knowing your worth. As women we are constantly being objectified. Women are no longer confident because we constantly are being reminded by the world of our flaws.

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I really enjoyed this video and how it drew attention to the complexity of issues women face today. These issues are hidden in the realms of media and have been for years. The lack of regulation within television and other sources allows for a distorted perception of women in power, one that ...Read more

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No matter how qualified you are on paper, women will still have to look the part also.

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I like how they spend a section on young men and boys and how they are influenced by adults. This reaches to all age groups. I wish they spent more time expounding upon the details as I consider that a critical point in breaking the destructive culture norm.

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While "Miss Representation" draws on a theme seen in other documentaries such as Jean Kilbourne's "Killing Us Softly" series, it brings a new perspective as the filmmaker and narrator is an expectant mother pondering the life of her coming daughter. Also different from other films on the ...Read more

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What an amazing documentary! I enjoyed the expanse of topics covered and the range of women and men sharing their experience and their views. I think the majority of people accept that inequality still exists for gender on some level. It is my hope that this documentary and its effect of ...Read more

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This documentary seemed to only perpetuate the stereotypes about women complaining and appearing weak. Asking a bunch of high school students who have extremely limited life experience was also a stupid strategy.

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With appearances from reputable activists, educators and writers such as Jean Kilbourne and Jackson Katz, this film is full of various perspectives and voices on the matter of self-objectification as a national epidemic. From advertisements to language, the film critiques America’s gendered ...Read more

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This documentary does not expose any new ideas and materials for people who are already interested in the topic however, it does give good perspective on why the representation of women in our society is so important and how the representation of women now is damaging to everyone. I ...Read more

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After watching Miss Representation there are a couple of themes that resonated with me. With the upcoming election I found it interesting to learn more about the various ways that women in the political world are objectified. For example, there has been a lot of judgement passed on Hillary ...Read more

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Miss Representation highlights the way media is in sync with corporate money, it allows the audience to see the true impact of environment on community. The community being women of the United States. This film was very interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. It leads to a lot of ...Read more

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Miss Representation explores the ways in which the media is both “the message and the messenger,” feeding members of our society the idea that girls’ and womens’ value lies in their beauty, sexuality, and approval from men, rather than in their ability to be powerful, dominant, and ...Read more

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This film is heartbreaking in an essential way—we need this, and we need to pass it on.

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Definitely a must watch for all, especially those who believe society has reached gender equality

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I think everyone should see this even-handed, comprehensive film. Its incredibly timely with a sequence on how Clinton, Palin and others were represented the media 8 years ago, with obvious relevance to the current campaign. Essential viewing.

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Very eye opening on gender issues in media.

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This documentary was very eye opening and was put together in a way that made it easy to consume even if you're not thinking about things like this most of the time. 10/10

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This is such a powerful documentary for people to watch so they can learn about how the media has wrapped our views of gender.

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I made Miss Representation because we live in a society where media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms, and the collective message the media send to our young women and men is that a woman's value lies in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader. ...Read more

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