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Miss Stevens
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I really enjoyed this film! It reminded me of my teachers who have had positive impact on my life and (hopefully) vice versa.

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It's what used to be called a "small movie" - no pyrotechnics, just a small chamber piece with some exceptional acting by Lili Rabe and Timothee Chalamet (before "Call Me by Your Name"). Her performance as a almost-30 English teacher whose broken heart (and that was a welcome surprise) has ...Read more

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OK movie

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It was a'ight.

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Not good

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I guess the gem was too hidden for me. I could only stand about 15 min. of this.

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Well done movie. It makes you feel like you are re-living your high school years.

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Another hidden Gem. Deep and meaningful motives that resonates with viewers.

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love it ! <3 made me to think a lot about people's relationships between self and with others .(sorry for my not good english )

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It is that kind of movie you are prepared for a heart break from the start...

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A sweet low-key film. Caution: other reviewer comments on this page contain overt spoilers.

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I enjoyed this movie. I feel like it represents mental health issues well. Both of the characters seem to express the phrase, "looks can be deceiving" in the way that they are obviously struggling but they are masking their pain and trying to living easily. i think the beginning of the movie ...Read more

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The music really pushes this film. When Billy and Miss Stevens sing along in the car on the way to their competition, they both exude a freedom and carelessness that they don't hold throughout most of the film, considering each of their mental health struggles. When the chorus stops, the ...Read more

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I will never understand how Billy (Timothée Chalamet) placed 2nd in the monologue competition. Anyways, Miss Stevens features a brilliant performance by Lily Rabe as the titular character. She manages to exude a sort of melancholic vibe, even in moments that are clearly supposed to be happy. ...Read more

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