In the Mood for Love

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to me, one of the best cinematographies in the history of cinema

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still love it, seventeen years later. love ya wong kar-wai!

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Best Wong Kar-Wai film by far, although Chungking Express is also very good. It seems to me that the characters are in search for specific moments, in an ocean of countless others. I love the way Maggie Cheung's dresses are used to convey the passage of time.

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Poetic, deep, and layered. It even gets surreal and experimental at times. All in all, a lovely film complete with an exotic and rich colour palette. Enjoy and recommend to a friend!

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not your typical romance, gorgeous, beautifully acted!

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a beautiful film. The music is haunting, the acting is superb- one of my all time favorites.

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Astonishing! Saw this one years ago. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung are burned into my mind! I love Wong Kar-Wai's movies!

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Saw this in 2000 & thought it was okay. I'm glad I saw it again in 2017, I appreciate it more.

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Thank you.

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this film score is so beautiful

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Wong Kar-Wai's greatest film and truly a masterpiece. At once two stories: the fleeting age of blossoms and the longing for a Hong Kong that no longer exists. I wish more filmmakers took time to appreciate the little things. The slight lowering of the eye. The delicacy of the walk. The ...Read more

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I appreciate your comments on one of my favourite films.

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I feel you. I had the same gut reaction.

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Wong Kar-Wai is bae

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