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Sensitive feelings for male actors, great acting, school bully's, rough life in Miami. Wow! Wow! and Wow!

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Saw it three times in movie theaters.

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Pretty good movie. Sad to watch his growing up. I liked the ending was really scared it was going to end differntly.

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Oh Don't read any spoilers. Just watch.

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I saw this film two years ago after it got the Golden Globe nomination. When it became available thru Kanopy for the month of February 2019 I realized how little I could remember so I decided to watch it again. I was well worth the time. I thought the end was abrupt after building up to a ...Read more

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Finally a movie that was motivating and brilliant acting.

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gorgeous, beautiful film.

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A fine film. Ended abruptly, while the ebb and flow of the first 3/4 of the film was well paced. Very sad, hard depiction of a young man's life from childhood to adulthood. The one light in his unresolved, dark journey was his friendship with another boy. Too much going wrong in his life: ...Read more

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A beautiful, soft, and emotional coming of age story.

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girl. I'm triggered.

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the cinematic ideal. breathtaking, challenging, brilliant.

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Probably my favorite film I watched last year which surprised me, as there was so much hype about it, I thought I was sure to be disappointed. In my mind, very close to cinematic perfection and I gain more insights each time I watch it. Love.

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I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a film that expressed such emotional intensity apart from the dialogue. The facial expressions and body language will be unforgettable for me .. a brilliant perception of the loneliness of identity formation, fitting in, and becoming oneself.

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Beautiful film on so many levels, thank you.

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The acting, ambiance, editing, music, all of it was 5 Stars. I’ve seen nothing like it. Mesmerizing, sad and sweet.

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Frank Sherman

This movie. THIS MOVIE. Got me through three fr*cking nights that were the hardest nights I've ever gotten through. Barry Jenkings man. BARRY I LOVE YOU.

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i wanted to see the neighborhood that I drove past but was frightened to enter. This film explained that there was life there that was deeply felt. The music was hauntingly appropriate. Thank you Kanopy.

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Damn, this is a good. The cinematography is astounding.... the way the shots are thought out; all the different ways of shooting a scene, germane to the content; the color, geez, the glow, the saturation of color. And the story.... quiet, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Thank you. Barry ...Read more

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Incredible acting. MOONLIGHT carefully guides viewers to redefine their understanding of black masculinity in a beautiful and tender way. You haven't seen a film like this before!

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Amazing!!!! I love this so much

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Interesting story and beautiful cinematography Barry Jenkins. I wonder why he chose to end the film on the note that he did.

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Excellent film, acting, music choice fabulous.

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Tyler J.

This movie puts me in my feelings each and every time I watch it. It's definitely going down in history as a classic. This is the type of movie we need to see for the intersection between black culture & the LGBTQ community. Whew, such a great film.

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thought provoking masterpiece

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Sadly, my school doesn't offer access to this film but I sent a request and hopefully it will.

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I very much enjoyed the superb acting and complex atmosphere of this film when I watched the first half last night. Tonight I am being told that my library (East TN State Univ) has withdrawn access to this film. I am disappointed in so many ways..........

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Beautiful film that holds up to multiple viewings.

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