Moreno Movies Series

Moreno Movies Series
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Episode 1 Psychodrama in Action, 1960's - With Jacob Moreno
This movie takes place in a mental hospital in California; it was produced in the 1960's when Moreno was touring the state. Originally made by Moreno and a group of…
Episode 2 Psychodrama of a Marriage (around 1948) - With Jacob Moreno
Based on an actual couple treated by Moreno in 1939 in the Therapeutic Theater of Beacon, this movie is a dramatized version of the case, yet includes many variations from…
Episode 3 Psychodrama of a Marriage: A Motion Picture - With Jacob Moreno
This movie was shot in Paris during the First International Congress of Psychodrama. It was produced by Radio and Television Center of France in September, 1964. The opening scene takes…
Episode 4 Spontaneity Training and Role Re-Training and Introduction to Psychodrama - With Zerka Moreno
The first part of the film is an introduction to the warming up and subsequent transfer of simple spontaneity states, such as a sculptress starting a new creation in clay,…

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