Mr. Chibbs
A Sports Legend Searches for a Meaningful Future

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I got the feeling that Kenny JR is going to be a special person that makes a difference.

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@robert - Thank you so much for watching the film and for your thoughtful and touching comments. I thought the same thing when we were filming Kenny with Bobby Hurley. A lot of love and passion went into making this. I am still in touch with Kenny and will send along your encouraging words. ...Read more

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Jill Campbell

There were no retakes or do overs with with Kenny, that’s how he rolled and that’s how I roll too. My goal as a director, producer and playwright has always been about establishing authenticity while delving deeply into every story I am exploring, in an effort to better understand our world ...Read more

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I am so happy that you were involved in bringing his story to light. My friend Sean recommended to me that I watch this and I was completely blown away. I am from the Bronx, NY and played basketball in Texas. I am a 38 year old African-American man and can definitely relate to his bouts with ...Read more

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See my reply above!

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