Mr. Hublot

Mr. Hublot
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the dog! xo

Anonymous picture

Great piece of art, stunning animation, lovely story.

Anonymous picture

Loved it....incredible detail. Visually interesting.

Anonymous picture

Great short film, love the animation in it and the relationship between the robot and dog

Anonymous picture

this is so cute

Minami avatar

The animation is absolutely stunning and the story is very cute. Perfect if you're looking for something short and sweet!

Ariel avatar

I can't believe how incredibly expressive the animation is, it's easy to see why this was an Academy Award winner. The budding friendship between robot and dog is simple, but in its simplicity lies tons of adorableness. Definitely a feel-good short!

Keya avatar

Very sweet and inventive film!

Anonymous picture


Nicholas avatar

Fun. Pure fun.

Anonymous picture

Incredible drawn details of the character and living spaces! I wonder if the outcome would've been different if he had taken him for walks as a pup...

Anonymous picture

I love the world the animators created.

Anonymous picture

This is so cute! The song over the end credits was really funny too.

Anonymous picture

Cute short film with a simple concept. Entertaining and great animation.

Lauren avatar

Wonderful animation and a lovely simple story. I need a giant robo-dog in my life.

Edwin avatar

it's a very nice and lovely short story about two Best Friends for Life #Awww ????

Anonymous picture

Wow. This film is extraordinarily beautiful from the first second to the last.

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