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This is a very unusual film and it deliberately tries our patience sometimes, but then it's more like a poem than a novel. It has no interest in any of the practicalities of the situation (Where is she staying in Vienna? What on earth does it all cost? Why is no one asking about plans or ...Read more

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I felt as if I too were in the gallery observing from the perspective of the attendant played by Sommer or waiting (like Piplits) in the hospital watching her relative caught in the deep sleep of coma. Perhaps what the gallery attendant saw and heard was composed of the alternative realities ...Read more

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4 stars for the views of Vienna and the art. The film digresses between the 2 protagonists who have a friendship based on circumstances and no deeper meaning. The film is not a love story and makes loose connections between life and art. It's all adds up to a slow view.

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Cant wait to watch it

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If you love art & appreciate a great "real" relationship with 2 people, this is your movie. No high tech gimmicks. Just two average people getting to know one another. Loved seeing all the paintings & the real vibes of the city. Excellent.

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Appreciate your comment. I was hoping this movie would be an entertaining way to tour the art. I'm sold.

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I know you'll enjoy. I hope it stops raining in San Francisco I do love the city.

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