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Instruments in the Classroom: Music
Musical instruments work well in the classroom, and you can learn how to use them successfully, even if you aren't a rock star. This program demonstrates the use of musical…
Music and Movement in Early Learning - Music
When young children hear music, their natural inclination is to move their bodies in response to it. Research has shown that this movement, like the music itself, is an integral…

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Interior Lighting
Lighting has something like the power of life and death over interior design. Well planned lighting can bring a room to life, and thoughtless lighting can kill even the most creative interiors. Light has the power to influence emotions, so lighting for a house is part technology and part psychology.…
Fra Angelico
This film is preserved in the Roland Collection primarily as an example of early experiments in art-critical film by Carlo Ragghianti, who was to become one of Italy's most influential art critics and educators. The film presents a critical analysis of Fra Angelico's style, which blended traditional Gothic forms with…
The American House (A Guide To Architectural Styles)
This program lets popular architectural styles "tell their stories" and explain why they remain popular today. The Tudor style explains its roots in the Roaring Twenties and reveals its beginnings in Medieval designs. A series of Neo-Classic buildings trace their roots to ancient Greece and speculate about why they remain…
Victor Hugo Drawings
Moody scenes of old castles in the mist, the moon on dark waters ... Known as a great French writer, playwright and poet, Victor Hugo was also a remarkable draftsman. Unknown drawings, filmed from the only important collection of Hugo's work, reveal a world of mystery, poetry and dramatic power…
How Hollywood Does It Collection
This is a collection of films on how Hollywood does it
Making it in Hollywood The Directors Series Collection
This is a collection of films on making it in Hollywood
My Music Teacher's OK
Suitable for children and music teachers. A fun program about learning music for young children and music teachers, featuring Nehama Patkin and a selection of her students. Encourages children's interest to learn and appreciate music.
Degas' Dancers
In this film, as in other key titles in the Roland Collection, a meeting takes place between several media: the dance of Degas' subject matter, the dynamism of his draftsmanship, the drama of the score by Marius Constant, and the exploratory and expressive direction of the film-maker's camera work. The…
Effective Resumes & Job Applications
Learn: how to write an effective resume that stands above the crowd, how electronic and printed resumes differ and how to answer difficult in interviews and on job applications. (Learning Seed, USA)
How Hollywood Does It - Creating the Magic of Film - Sound
Part of the Series: How Hollywood Does It Collection
Sound investigates the various types of sound, how they are recorded, and how they are incorporated in a film. Besides the visuals in moving pictures, sound also contributes to part of those magical effects. This program will focus on sound design and how life can be breathed into a project…
Born into an age marked by revolution and extremes, Eugene Delacroix was an arch-romanticist; he was also one of the finest French draftsmen, influencing not only many of his contemporaries but also modern masters such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Rodin and Matisse. In this film, the theme of movement…
Shakespeare Series
This is a 9 video collection