Music and Early Learning

Music and Early Learning
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Managing the Learning Environment - Succeeding as a Teacher
Naturally, lesson plans are important, but what about educational ergonomics? Like adults, kids work and learn best when they're comfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Find out how to design a calm and creative environment that's conducive to passing knowledge along and for picking it up. Discover how to best vary…
Australia's premier cellist and director of music for the ABC, Nathan Waks, demonstrates the qualities to be found in a world famous Guarneri cello, while Australian master cello maker, Harry Vatiliotis shows us the complexity and skill required to produce a great instrument.
This two-part series features well known musicians involved in the areas of composing, performing, conducting and educating. The series is designed to develop children's awareness of how music is conceived, created and presented and to encourage their enjoyment and participation. Part One (Bending the Beat) looks at the way composer…
Ethics and Integrity in the Academic Environment
In this video, academic professionals discuss unethical student practices and consider how such issues as cheating and plagiarism have affected the academic community.
Coping With Challenging Behaviour
In this program teachers describe the concept of positive guidance, and what they need to know about children before they find the appropriate techniques for dealing with challenging behaviour. Discussed is how to help children learn problem solving techniques as an alternative to challenging behaviour. In addition, teachers raise their…
Instruction For All Students (Succeeding As A Teacher)
This program shows a wealth of strategies to use in the classroom to engage all students and to increase student achievement. Vivid classroom scenes incorporate current research to show how to structure and pace a solid lesson, including modeling, role-playing, teaching a new skill, providing feedback and practice, assigning homework,…
What Are You Thinking
Part of the Series: Teaching Reading Collection
Have you ever wanted to sit down beside a master teacher and see how he or she confers? In this video, join Patrick Allen, author of Conferring: The Keystone to Reader's Workshop, as he confers with nine different students over the course of two days. Sitting down one-on-one with a…
The Teachers View
In this program we examine how teachers think about guidance and discipline, the influences affecting them in determining what they consider either acceptable or challenging behaviour. Teachers also discuss the importance of teamwork and staff support in helping them deal with the challenging behaviour more prevalent in the new millennium.
Teacher Study Groups
Teacher Study Groups are a wonderful tool for building a reflective, research-based community within schools. This video provides a window into the study group process as literacy specialist, Jennifer Allen, facilitates a group exploring ways to improve writing workshops. Showing excerpts from the fall and spring meetings of the group,…
After School Programs
After School Programs: A Collection
Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic awareness is the knowledge of the small units of sounds in our language which are connected to the alphabet. According to the National Research Council, this awareness is a major predictor of reading success. Viewers of this program join a lively teacher training workshop and then witness emerging readers…
Small Group Intervention
The ultimate test of a student's knowledge about words is the ability to transfer this information to reading and writing. A word study intervention must include opportunities for students to apply word-solving strategies to connected texts. Organized around 11 teaching episodes--including assessing word knowledge, modeling the word-solving process, providing guided…