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Watch this film! You won't be disappointed.

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This is just a masterpiece. Idea, plot, acting, girls, music, scenery. Everything. The world beyond our wall we eager to built is really bigger and should be learned.

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Marvelous film!

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Frank Sherman

Sometimes when I watch a movie like this, I just think. THIS IS POETRY. That's how I knew when I was in my seat that this is going to be a classic. Not soon, but later. I might not be around for it, but that's not the point.

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It would be hard to depict a more devastating clash between innocent youth and the savagely corrupt world of adults. The story is saved from utter despair by the courage of the youngest person, and the unexpected support of a stranger. Truly moving.

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This really is a truly great film that too many people have overlooked. For some reason I expected something didactic or preachy from this topic. It's not didactic or preachy at all. It's a feast of emotion and visual beauty, wind and sea, longing, love, escape. etc. watch it, I think you'll ...Read more

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If The Virgin Suicides felt too one note for you, or you had trouble with the way that film aestheticized the imprisonment of its young female protagonists then look no further for a coming of age story entirely committed to themes sisterhood and resilience.

In addition to a stand out ...Read more

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