My Afternoons with Margueritte
La tête en friche

My Afternoons with Margueritte - La tête en friche
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Put a smile in your heart.

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Heartwarming, delightful, good depiction of transgenerational love. What the cafe future of France used to be.

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Tres jolie.

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A beautiful love that we all seek.

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Wow! That was a really good movie! =)

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Gerard Depardieu is an enigma. How does a man, who in his private life pals around with dictators and despots like Putin, Kim Jong-un and Ramzan Kadyrov make such great movies? He's an actor, after all, just a chameleon. Dig a little deeper into his personal life and what emerges is not a ...Read more

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What a wonderful movie.

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Love this story

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Beautiful story. We love a feel-good movie and this is a good one!

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A warm and touching film.

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I loved it! So heartwarming!

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Me removio en lo mas profundo de mi corazon. y tambien me hizo llorar.

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Fab Film - warms your heart. Oui. xox

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oh lord I cried so much

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Love this movie. Sweet and warm.

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What a wonderful movie

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