My Brilliant Career

My Brilliant Career
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I saw this film as a young woman and its influence settled into my bones for many years thereafter. Judy Davis is sublime.

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A lovely pre WWI Australian film depicting the struggles of a young woman choosing her own path while fighting the pulls of expectation for women of her age: marriage, family, no career. She is as torn about her choice as she is different from her peers and the film portrays her struggle ...Read more

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Judy Davis, scene-stealer, and Sam Neill (oh so young!). Understated and lovely early film about the subject of a woman's self-determination.

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One of my favorite films ever. When I studied film I mentioned it at a party. And some guy dismissed it as feminist propaganda to my utter dismay.

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Apparently it's just me, but I found this movie (for the most part) to be incredibly awkward and self-centered, just like the lead character. It took till about 30 min left that it started to grow on me. But as someone else said, I can't really get these 2 hours back. Perhaps if I liked her ...Read more

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One of my favorite books. The movie is just as wonderful. It inspired a young woman to always seek just a little more than others thought she could achieve.

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Very good film and depiction of rural Aussie life.

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Wonderful. Brilliant film. Nearly 40 years old and still relevant. Loved the last clip.

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Adored this film. Judy Davis is beyond stunning in this performance. A film that has stuck with me since I watched it. A must-see.

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Great flick; downloaded the book from Google Play.

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I understand how this entertaining, insightful movie racked up all these awards. Fine acting by all, Loved the independence of the main character, a strong women committed to her dream of being a writer. Highly recommend especially seeing Judy Davis and Sam Neil so young. You can see why ...Read more

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A true Australian classic. My Brilliant Career was Gillian Armstrong's feature film directing debut, becoming the first Australian feature length drama directed by a woman in 46 years. Fun to see both Judy Davis and Sam Neill (looking very dashing) launch their careers with this film.

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