My Brooklyn
Demystifying Gentrification

My Brooklyn - Demystifying Gentrification
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I'm a Canadian who just visited Brooklyn (and NYC) for the first time recently and I absolutely loved this documentary. We stayed in an Airbnb in Bed-Stuy during our short trip. It was a basement apartment in a brownstone. Even though we were only there for a couple days, I fell in love with ...Read more

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This is the Bloomberg legacy. So sad! And enraging.

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I was born in Brooklyn in the Naval Shipyard a year after the end of WWII. Hospitals in Manhattan had no maternity wards available. Growing up, I always thought it was special, where I had been born, but I never had the opportunity to visit Brooklyn. This documentary is my first real glimpse ...Read more

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I love this documentary.

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Amazing documentary! Thank you for validating and capturing the original Brooklyn experience. However, I wish you would have shared ways to gentrify with justice and given a little glimpse of hope. After watching, I don't know what I can or should do, or what nondisruptive development looks ...Read more

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Great educational documentary

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This is an excellent documentary and as an urban planning student I really appreciate how this aspect was explored from various perspectives - it provided great insights and inspiration. A++!

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Thanks Anita! I especially appreciate an A++ from an Urban Planning student! How would you say it inspired you? Sometimes I feel it's more somber than inspiring :)

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Hi Kelly - it was inspiring to me because it showed practicing urban planners who demonstrated deep empathy towards the displaced residents and deep understanding of the profound impacts and implications of gentrification. I'm attending an event tomorrow at UCLA on gentrification and health ...Read more

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I will be visiting NYC and staying in Brooklyn for the first time, next week.
Being an immigrant, I understand the importance of having roots somewhere and those roots intertwining with other people's who share the same city.
Thank you for this documentary, Kelly!

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Thanks Kelly, great work.

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The foundations of culture are financial (which means actually "no-culture") in the United States. The rich culture that existed in Brooklyn has been replaced with empty streets and individual pursuit of happiness, which is narcissistic and leads to the splintering into this "no-culture" ...Read more

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Well I know Bloomberg's wealth increased tremendously (doubled?) after his 12 year dictatorship.....he will always be remembered as the man who got rid of section 8 housing, bent over backwards for developers, and banned smokers and transfats.

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Good. I don't like fat people or trans people.

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Fascinating perspective of the underlying implications of gentrification. Often considered 'improving neighborhoods', this film shows the significant impact on local communities. I'm left wishing I got to see the 'true' Brooklyn before the developers displaced the community. There is a ...Read more

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Sarah Friedland

An intricate analysis of the processes by which gentrification happens through an intimate portrait of the effects of corporate and government collusion on the businesses and residents of Downtown Brooklyn. This is a great resource for students and educators alike!

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My Brooklyn is an incredible resource for teaching as it brings to life the history and contemporary politics of the global restructuring through stories, and in a way that is accessible and engaging. I teach a class on gentrification at Pratt Institute called "I heart/break NY: ...Read more

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Thanks Caitlin! Glad it's working for you and your students! Keep up the good work. Kelly

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I made My Brooklyn because over two decades I saw my various Brooklyn neighborhoods become less diverse - economically, racially, and culturally. I experience this as a huge loss, but I also knew I part of what was driving the change. I wanted answers to questions like, “What was the impact ...Read more

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Very interesting documentary. Shows you how far the reach of political donations go whether your mayor takes a salary or not...

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Thanks! I know Philadelphia is facing very similar issues. I assume you are referring to Bloomberg when refer to the mayor not taking a salary?

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Very informative and "real-world." A little slow at times but overall it was great.

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