My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer
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This was such an amazing movie. I had been following its production for almost a year before it hit the screens, and meanwhile, I read the graphic novel. They adapted it perfectly. and Ross Lynch? holy shit I am surprised how good of a fit he was for this. You wouldn't think, with him being a ...Read more

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This was a good surprise. Marc Meyers made a very good film with Gus Van Sant meets Lars Von Trier style of storytelling. It's unsettling -in a good way-, the 70's portrayed to perfection in all it's high school cruelty. Excellent cast. Ross Lynch delivers a wonderfully subtle yet disturbing ...Read more

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What a terrible movie. No psychological foundation for his horrible behavior. His parents did not get along. They separated. How did that affect him? Why did he turn so inward? His father was not a caring person the way this movie shows him to be. Why would a director who knows so little ...Read more

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What makes a serial killer tick? Are they born that way or is it a learned behaviour or a combination of both? or A compulsion they don't want to control and instead of telling someone they play it out. The judge found Jeff guilty of murder, NOT by reason of insanity. So Justice was served ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

OK, people kill each other. I KNOW. I think that what really is important about this movie is the cinematography. Every time the camera was pointing at the subject, it was exactly how it had to be. Secondly, why wasn't this movie A24? It's as good as A24 so it feels like a missed opportunity. ...Read more

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I was very compelled to see this film and it did not disappoint. Ross Lynch's portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer was scarily accurate. It was interesting to see him in a role unlike anything he's ever done before and it really shows just to what capacity his acting skills can reach. It was hard to ...Read more

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Watch out for the nerds.

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Beautifully shot. I liked the "characters" / "story", overall. I wanted to enjoy how idyllic this was - but I had a slightly uncomfortable feeling that they were romanticizing the life of a serial killer. I guess that's the point. Sometimes it felt a little too corny, as far as the acting, ...Read more

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This movie looks at the teen years of Jeffrey Dahmer's life through hazy, romanticizing lens. I don't think it conveyed the torment I think the young man felt knowing there was a growing darkness inside him. Although it is cool that this movie is based on a book by someone who knew Dahmer it ...Read more

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This movie provided a fascinating look into the inner workings of someone with psychopathy / antisocial personality disorder. I felt compassionate as it became evident how different their brains are and how little control they actually have over their impulses. It even had me questioning ...Read more

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I thought the book was amazing and this film was very close to the book. I would still suggest people read the graphic novel over seeing the film but heck if you can do both then go for it!

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Going into the movie I was expecting the movie to be full of Dahmers killing sprees and sadistic behaviors. I thought that in high school this sick and twisted man would be initiating in his thirst for killing in much more aggressive ways. To me this film showed that Dahmer although having a ...Read more

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A great depiction of the Jeffery Dahmer’s Junior and Senior high school years; the movies demonstrate the social and emotional alienation, anxieties and pressures that he felt—both in school and at home. I found the movie both very disturbing and also fascinatingly thought-provoking: a part ...Read more

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This movie really caught my attention when I was reading the description. I had taken psychology in high school, and one of the serial killers that we discussed and researched was Dahmer. However, it was more about his older years and the crimes he committed, so I never got the backstory of ...Read more

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I had been looking forward to watching My Friend Dahmer ever since I saw previews for it. I’m so glad that it was on kanopy for free because I am a University of Maine student. In my undergraduate career, I currently have psychology and neuroscience minors. I enjoy learning about people that ...Read more

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I really enjoyed this movie! I think it's so interesting to think that it is entirely based on his friend Derf's graphic novel. And Derf's story is created by a mix of his own accounts and some research that he had done. I've been wanting to see this movie for quite a while now, especially ...Read more

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I found this to be very unsettling that no one really noticed his behavior. It was often overlooked and ignored. I find this worrying because its clear that the concerns of his actions started soon with dead road kill,to killing animals,to attempting to kill people. I wonder why no one ...Read more

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I've always been interested in the Jeffery Dahmer case and I've been wanting to watch this movie for a while now. Initially, I thought that the movie would be a little about his teenage years then right into his killing sprees. But I think following him during his high school years shows an ...Read more

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He was just like any other person before he started his killing spree. Once he started killing all those people, the news and media made him out to sound like a rather sick and disturbed person, which I get now that I have watched the movie on it.

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"(...) this is the haunting, sad, funny...". I don't know who could laugh with this movie, really.

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Shucks, I was kinda looking forward to this film. In fact this movie is why I joined Kanopy in the first place, having worn myself out searching high and low for a physical copy to borrow from my local movie renting outlet to no avail. Reiterating on what a previous kanopy reviewer noted, ...Read more

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Velos y

Holy Shizus is that a lonnnnnnnnnng ass review, kid.

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Hahaha in my defense it was 3 am and I was strung out on candy and mountain dew! But yea yikes! I should have just ran on the treadmill then tanked.

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Velos y

3 a.m., candy, Mountain Dew...all whilst watching a film about Dahmer? You're a brave girl, Emmalee.

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Excellent slow-burn character study with fantastic performances throughout. Very creepy in spots and the use of color was amazing

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It fell short.

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Dahmer seems to be victim of his times and culture--are American families and schools really that wacho ? or are teens given too much and in return give so little- Dahmer is a very sad story --no expression of family love or belief in God..

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Very close to the original book! With such a fantastic graphic novel, how could they go wrong by doing it to a tee? Amazing, more movies should learn from this one. But did the fact they used a fake fish at the lake scene irk anyone else? It was such a passionate scene in the book, but in the ...Read more

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Ean James

A pointless film with no reason to exist really. Jeffrey Dahmer was mentally ill. That's why he murdered and consumed young boys. This film acts as if Jeffrey's circumstances led to his illness (which it can sometimes as with Child of Rage, but not here). With that out the window, the actions ...Read more

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I couldn't decide if I liked this film and almost gave up on it. I ended up finishing it and while it isn't the best film I've ever seen, it's definitely interesting. Like other reviewers have said it is slow, but I found myself feeling bad for Dahmer (which is a weird feeling, knowing what ...Read more

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It was okay, though what really brings the film down is its pacing. I usually have little to no problem with slow-paced films, but I felt myself fazing out in the middle of quite a few scenes, coming back to attention, and then realizing that the scene was still going to a predictable point. ...Read more

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I thought this was a very interesting film. I think Ross Lynch did an amazing job acting a Jeffrey Dahmer. As a viewer, you get an accurate representation of what his life was like growing up. You come to understand how he decided to kill and the dynamic of him and his family. I think that ...Read more

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Very interesting film, I wish it was longer and went into more of his life. The main actor did a very compelling job of his role. This film shows a realistic view of how someone could turn into a man like Jeffrey Dahmer. I did feel a sort of rushed feeling of the ending of the movie. I ...Read more

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This film was lovely and haunting in nearly measure. (It did err toward creepy more often than not, but that's guaranteed with the infamous subject matter.) The cast did very well working with one another to create and maintain high tension throughout. The family scenes were particularly ...Read more

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The film used the infamy of its story to its advantage. The audience, anticipating the violence that Dahmer eventually commits, provides to itself the tension and suspension, always waiting for Dahmer's first victim. It's a very interesting and effective use of dramatic irony. In addition, ...Read more

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I was expecting the movie to show Dahmer actually killing those 17 young boys. I was not familiar with the actual story until the professor was explaining his story in class. I like this movie because it shows how things escalated and led him to kill 17 people.
What really bugged me was ...Read more

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I thought this movie was everything that a good biopic is supposed to be. It lures the viewer in and shows us the story of a young Dahmer. It was an interesting move on the director's part to cut the movie off before Dahmer actually murdered everyone because this is the part of the story that ...Read more

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An absolutely fascinating film. The lead up and character progression of Dahmer was captivating. Unlike most films where the ending-conclusion of the film is either totally unknown or at least something of a mystery, the name Dahmer is known in every household in America. For that reason, the ...Read more

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This was a really cool and interesting movie. Knowing all that I do about Jeff Dahmer I never thought I'd be able to feel any kind of empathy for him, but after watching this film you almost feel bad for him. His moe life was a mess and he was an outcast at school, it's no excuse to start ...Read more

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I really enjoyed "My Friend Dahmer". I thought the film did a great job of examining the life of a young Jeffrey Dahmer just years, months, days, and moments before he committed his first murder. I also like how the film never gives the audience a definitive answer to why Jeffrey Dahmer was ...Read more

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I thought for sure Jeff was going to kill Derf at the end, and was so glad he didn't. I think this movie goes to show how much other people can influence someone. Jeff was different from the beginning obviously, as he was always wondering about internal organs and cutting things open. Also, ...Read more

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This film was absolutely nail-biting. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is very psychologically riveting. You can tell from the start that Jeffery was a different individual. The way the filmmakers portray him gives a specific foreshowing of his character. Jeffery ...Read more

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This film was certainly interesting, but I enjoyed watching it. I liked how the movie went about showing Dahmer's childhood, from his friends, school life, time outside of school, and especially family life. His friends seemed to use him as the icon of their jokes, but he didn't seem to ...Read more

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I have always enjoyed following the lives of people who commit heinous crimes. I just cannot fathom what goes on in their minds. Jeffrey Dahmer was simply a bullied kid with some underlying personal issues. He dealt with a lot of issues at home, with his mother being mentally unstable and ...Read more

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As a fan of the original graphic novel I was extremely curious to how this would be fleshed out as full narrative film and came away pretty satisfied. Its interesting to see moments that were literal footnotes in the original become full blown sequences. I had my doubts about the actor chosen ...Read more

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This film is creepy but very interesting. Being able to understand Jeffrey and his personal life gives more meaning to him. I remember first hearing about this on a TV show about famous killers in the past. This movie compared to the TV show, gives more meaning to him. The TV show just talked ...Read more

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This film reminds me that people are often going through hard times and it's important to be kind to everyone. Even though those boys may have not felt as though they were bullying Jeffrey, they were, but in a more covert manner. He didn't have a supportive home life and was going through ...Read more

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It was a good film, but would have been better with more development into his mind, rather than his acting out for acceptance

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I would have wanted to see more OVERT details of Jeff and his obsession with men...... that he would develop later. Some scenes explore this, but not enough of them. We mainly have this picture of a nerdy outsider who is accepted somewhat by some other boys for the fun of it all.

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