My So-Called Enemy
Celebrating Diversity, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding

My So-Called Enemy - Celebrating Diversity, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding
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I believe all classes on Modern Israel should watch this documentary. It is moving, excellent, and enables people to see the human side of the conflict. The director Lisa Gossels has a gift for the human voice. I was amazed at the impact this film had on my students and myself. My hope is ...Read more

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Really well done. Excellent for the classroom, and for some of the classes I teach such as Intercultural Communication, Ethics and Communication, and Research Methods

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We live in a culture of sound-bites, Tweets, and short attention spans, which can lead people to make fast assumptions about very complex issues that often warrant deeper exploration. We also know that one image, one video or one encounter with someone we don’t know can be completely shift ...Read more

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