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Super heartbreaking.

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The premise was decent, the acting was good, the ending however was underwhelming.

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Amazing film!

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A fantastic star vehicle for Andrea Riseborough who puts in a truly wonderful performance, carrying virtually every scene with her facial expressions without once chewing the scenery. Everyone else is great as well, especially J. Smith-Cameron. But I have to say I'm a little bored of seeing ...Read more

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What a nice made me look up Riseborough to see what else she had done before this and Mandy. I thought it was a great movie with excellent performances by everyone in the cast.

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Wow Great performance by the entire cast!!!

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I thought this was pretty good. Really good performances. I found the characters interesting, especially Nancy. I didn't like her, but at the same time, I felt a lot of empathy for her. She was very complex - which is always fun to watch.

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Very nice film, understated but gripping. A Judith 'Good'.

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Judith: Best film critic on Kanopy.

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Loved it! performances were persuasive...Buschemi is wonderful as a sympathetic sensitive husband...worth seeing for his performance alone.

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Complex and moving film with a stunningly subtle performance by Andrea Riseborough.

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this seemed like one of those movies that has no idea which direction it wants to go and ends up going nowhere. I suggest skipping it

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Well done character study. Good performances & Riseborough is almost unrecognizable as Nancy.

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I didn't like the ending.

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