Native Planet Program 6: Australia - Protecting the "Song Line"
Part of the Series: Native Planet

Native Planet Program 6: Australia - Protecting the "Song Line"
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A Transfer Of Power
This observational documentary follows an episode in the routine life on Collum Collum cattle-station in northern New South Wales. But, as the filmmaker notes, it's a story that could have occurred anywhere. The film follows the attempts by Sunny Bancroft and other men in the Collum Collum Aboriginal community to…
Collum Calling Canberra
Gordon Smith, head of the Collum Collum Aboriginal Co-operative which operates a cattle station in northern New South Wales, and Sunny Bancroft, the station manager, are negotiating with the Aboriginal Development Corporation in Canberra for a loan. Finance is needed to stock the property with breeding cattle so that the…
To Get That Country
Without narration, and without identification of individual speakers, the film provides an invaluable record of two events which occurred in the final week of January 1977, and which marked "a turning point in legal recognition of Aboriginal rights to land". The film documents discussions among traditional owners and white officials…
Good-Bye Old Man
At the request of a dying Tiwi man and his family on Melville Island, this film was made of the pukumani (bereavement) ceremony to follow his death. The film observes the family through the long period of preparation for the ceremony, following age-old traditions. Dancing and face-painting are rehearsed, to…
Familiar Places
Narrated by the linguist and anthropologist Peter Sutton, this documentary observes his work with a family in far north Queensland, outside Aurukun, to map their hereditary "clan country". The aim of the older members of the family is partly to protect their land and prove their attachment to it, for…
Jandamarra's War
In Jandamarra's War we learn how in the 1890's European settlers arrive in the Kimberley, North West Australia, with vast herds of sheep and cattle, determined to make their fortune by feeding a rapidly growing population in the South. But the settlers soon discover they are amongst indigenous tribes, ready…
Darling River Kids
CAUTION: Viewers are warned that this film contains images and sounds of people who are now deceased. The Darling River Kids are Aboriginal teenagers in the small town of Wilcannia, Western NSW. For them the state school education is often inappropriate and they are unlikely to find work when they…
Walya Ngamardiki - The Land My Mother
Exploring the relationship between Aboriginal people and their land, WALYA NGAMARDIKI was inspired by Silas Roberts' submission to the 1976 Australian Government inquiry on uranium mining. Silas, whose tribal name is Ngourladi, is an elder of the Allawa clan and was the first chairman of the Northern Land Council, established…
Native Planet Program 4: Hawaii - The Stolen Nation
Part of the Series: Native Planet
Host Simon Baker travels to Hawaii to examine the growing native sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii's history.
Native Planet Program 3: Canada - Living with the Tar Sands
Part of the Series: Native Planet
From his home in the Squamish Nation, Canada host Simon Baker traces the path of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, from the Oil Sands in Alberta to the tanker terminal planned for Kitimat, B.C. to understand why First Nations are opposed.
Native Planet Program 5: United States - Surviving the Cold War and Uranium Mining
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Host Simon Baker examines the environmental and social impact that abandoned uranium mines and the cold war nuclear testing are having on the Navajo Nation.
Kurtal Snake Spirit
Kurtal - Snake Spirit tells the story of Spider, a sprightly 80 year old Aboriginal elder who travels from Fitzroy Crossing into the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia to visit a jila - a sacred waterhole. Spider is one of the main custodians responsible for the practices that take…