Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud

Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud
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Story seems ordinary. An older single man getting needed affection from another though very young lone woman. Excellent acting by Michel Serrault. Older persons will identify with his character even if not divorced and still married. After decades of ups and downs men have the tendency to ...Read more

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The complexities of life and love where else but France.

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I saw that movie again just for the excellent Michel Serrault, an actor all in nuances. I never cared for Emmanuelle Béart who I think cannot act. A typical Claude Sautet French romantic movie.

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You are right. She cannot act.

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thanks for that note about EB. i agree with you regarding her inability to act. so definitely not one to watch.

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The movie is good the fake typing was annoying.

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fake typing was annoying indeed. and no, one cannot overlook details of acquired skills that other actors- in other films- go to great lengths to build up (see "Populaire")

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The typing was a detail to be overlooked...

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