Never Enough

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Managing Stress, Safety & Well Being Series 1
A short, entertaining, and informative series on how to handle the stress of working and safety.
Health Promotion: Health Policy
Part of the Series: Health Promotion Collection
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. What is the point of raising awareness about health lifestyles in in a social context which spawns poverty, unemployment, pollution, discrimination and disempowerment? Michele Kosky, Western Australian Health Consumers' Council, and Mark Goggin, Western Australian AIDS Council, discuss the relative…
Hoarding & Cluttering
Most of us like to keep possessions that bring us comfort or have value to us. But when daily activities and quality of are compromised by an accumulation of these things, then a person might have a challenge with hoarding and cluttering issues. These issues can become serious when they…
In the Cards with Fred Gitelman
Fred Gitelman gives an inside glimpse at the world of professional bridge, the psychological stress of top-flight competition and how the human mind can compute amazing feats of memory.
Mastering Chronic Pain
Both cognitive and behavioral factors influence the experience of pain and the intensity of suffering. Learn how psychological factors can alter the experience of pain, look at mind-body factors that can alleviate or exacerbate chronic pain, and take out the CBT toolbox to see how it can be applied to…
Age Happens
Why do people grow old? Is it possible to slow down the aging process? These questions may one day be answered. But for now, the inevitability that each person will grow old is the one thing that all human beings have in common. This episode focuses on the psychological and…
2e: Twice Exceptional - Gifted Children With Learning Disabilities
2e: Twice Exceptional examines the concept of "twice exceptionality" - gifted or highly gifted children with learning disabilities and/or differences. Some have trouble interpreting social cues and processing visual and auditory information. Others have difficulty with time management and organization; they may finish their homework but routinely forget to turn…
Emergency Management in Public Health - The H1N1 Example
This video focuses on the activities of public health professionals and their partners as they illustrate the stages of emergency management: prevention and mitigation; preparedness; response to the disaster; and recovery following the disaster. Although these stages may be applicable with respect to any type of disaster, they are illustrated…
Black Metal Veins
Black Metal Veins unflinchingly documents the dark realities of despair and morbid self annihilation surrounding the lives of five heroin junkies. The addicts' intertwining stories of pain, loss, sadness, and abandonment lead the viewer down the agonizing and hideous path of horrifying psychological and spiritual destruction as the grim disease…
Hawick Knitwear
Part of the Series: The Factory Controller
Lord Digby Jones meets with Hawick Knitwear's Benny Hartop and Arthur Rennie to help them form a plan to compete in the global market. Hawick, Scotland is known for quality knitwear dating back to the 1700s. Jones counsels Hartop and Rennie on growing the Hawick brand and expanding to the…
Disaster Preparedness in Home Health - Planning for the Worst
Unfortunately natural disasters are part of our eveyday world. Planning for these unpredictable events can save lives and ensure the safety of staff and patients. Home Health Aides should be able to respond quickly and appropriately to an emergency. Being prepared for an emergency or disaster situation needs to be…
Stress and the Psychology of Depression
To truly understand clinical depression, you need to grasp its psychological aspects as well. In the second episode on stress and this prevalent disease, explore the pivotal role stress hormones play in depression. Then, use your newfound knowledge of stress to knit together the psychological and biological models of depression.