The Occupation of the American Mind
Israel's Public Relations War in the United States

The Occupation of the American Mind - Israel's Public Relations War in the United States
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The answer to too much propaganda is not more propaganda, only from the 'other side.'..and as Gandhi said, "an eye for an eye leaves both men blind.' Ten minutes into this "documentary" it was abundantly clear its intent was to counter Israeli propaganda with that of its own..glossing over ...Read more

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WOW! Just discovered Kanopy today. Real Antisemitic propaganda here.

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It's amazing how much Zionist whining there is in the comment section! I wonder how many of them are spies for Israel?

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The film, like almost any "middle east" coverage, (Israel sits on the west edge, but somehow finds itself in the heart of any middle east conflict) flattens the story and distort the facts. Minute 17 in the film: they allow Phyllis Bennis to claim the fat lie, Israelis committed the massacre ...Read more

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Just more anti Jewish propaganda from renowned bigot Roger Waters. Israel left Gaza to the Palestinians, who only use it to to launch attacks on Israel.

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Such a fool are you. Apparently imperialism is OK to you if it's brown skinned Muslims being conquered under the guise of religion because "the bible says so and anyone who opposes that and believes Palestinians are humans deserving of rights are a bunch of bigoted jew haters." Ugh!

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Hey Ryan are you paid by the Muslim Bros, or are you just a natural born Jew-hater?

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I have no affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and I'm an atheist anyway. I can tell your one of Israel's paid troll propagandists. I ain't falling for your BS.

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I wouldn't expect pea-brain Islamist to be swayed by historical truth. Nor to come up with their own material.

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An absolutely essential documentary for understanding both the occupation of Palestine by Israel and the propaganda machine that there is supporting it.

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Can you name me one President/PM of the state of Palestine. Just one in all of history?
Oops, you can't because there never was a Palestine (and never will be, too!). Hey, but don't let a few facts get in the way of your vile hate. Don't worry, they never will.

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Yasser Arafat. Palestine has been denied sovereignty by over a century of British colonialism and colonialist ethnonationalism of Israel and it's expansion. Supporting Israel will do nothing to stop antisemitism. Your an Israeli spy/paid troll, I can tell by your erasure of the Palestinians, ...Read more

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Give me some facts, oh brilliant one. When did the sovereign Arab entity of Palestine exist? Yasser Arafat, may his evil name be blotted from memory, was an Egyptian and attempted to occupy ancient Israel his entire fake career.
Do you know where I can p/u my Israeli spy/paid troll ...Read more

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I will recommend this documentary to anyone I know...

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The question is how Israeli government can do this to US media?

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "America is a thing you can move very easily!" He's not wrong.
We have to do more to end the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

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The documentary was heavy on the how and why America is so influenced by pro Israeli ideology. Useful compilation of media coverage over the years vs timeline of events since the early years of the occupation.

I would like to find a documentary that displays the living conditions ...Read more

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I'm plugging this documentary wherever I go. Justice for Palestine!

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A message that needs to proliferate

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Free Palestine

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Informative but repetative

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