Odette Toulemonde

Odette Toulemonde
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Honey Lane

beautiful!!! so heart warming! :)

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Happiness is simple pleasure. Our lives are so hectic and we think if we are busy we are productive and that leads to happiness but it ain't so.

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A little bit of fantasy and whimsy in this film which is brought to life because of the fantastic acting of Catherine Frot. It's a story of finding and having happiness and how we can make that choice. A little music and dancing and even some improbable situations make it all the more ...Read more

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Bubbly, sensible Catherine Frot. Without her, the movie would be nothing. The Josephine Baker songs add a little spice to this charming comedy.

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Delightful. I'd say it was a woman's strength that changes a man. She is not the weak one here or the needy one or the one trapped in a role.

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Throw back to the 1950s where a woman yearns for romance and a man. And then rescues this damaged writer who is suicidal and needs his ego pumped up by...you guessed it...a poor lower middle class female muse. He gets A MOMMY. Oh PLEASE!! Haven't we had enough of this?!?!?! Women rescuing the ...Read more

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A precious film that reminds us all that love is all around us. What a sweet, sweet movie!

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Beautiful and so talented Catherine Frot...

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Lots of heart warming and joyful moments of fancy and what I think it means to be fully human.

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Anti-intellectual? Yes, seemingly. But there is more to us than intellect and the hamster wheel of modern everyday life....

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I loved this totally enchanting movie. Likeable characters and a happy ending...Thank You!

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Probably the most backwards thinking, "a woman needs a man to be truly happy (and it is OK if he strays or lashes out from time to time, because that's what a man does)" films I've seen in ages. Other than that, yes, charming. Oh, and "why do you listen to Josephine Baker "Because I'm black ...Read more

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What lovely fun!

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Beautiful with a good reflection on happiness!

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oh so charming and sweet
a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.....
thank you!

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a very fun enlightening movie with acting that is bountiful

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This was such a sweet and endearing film.

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Shows how a woman's kindness and pure love win out!

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Oddly charming

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Very adorable and charming

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How refreshing!

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Catherine Ft is becoming one of my favorite actresses. This a sweet story.

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enjoyed this movie, reminded me of my past loves Odette is sincere loving forgiving and optimistic

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LOVED this film. Odette is immediately likeable and Baltazar is intriguing... glad I came across this one.

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This is a wonderful film. There is a nice full story with a happy ending.

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Catherine Frot is a superb comedienne and makes this movie a superb movie.

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This is the second time I've watched this movie. It's so romantic.

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Quite enjoyable.

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