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The kind of people that don’t like this movie are the kind of people that eat mayonnaise and only enjoy marvel films. Mostly they eat mayonnaise.

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Give an idiot a camera and this is the result.

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Lauren A

I’ve seen this movie before. I actually like the original better than the spike lee version. The cinematography was excellent. This is the most disfunctional movie I’ve ever seen through my years of watching films. This movie has taught me that revenge isn’t worth it. It will never remove the ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

i COMPLETELY disagree with you here. I liked the movie a lot and BUSter did . BUt, it could have been a lot better of a movie. It seems to us that they didn't even really consider the cinematography. But, having said that, It's good.

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excellent.thank you.

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First South Korean movie I've seen and based on this it won't be my last. Loved the story-telling.

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Really liked this film, especially the neo-noir elements in it. Also felt that Chan-woo brilliantly used the Oedipus complex in the protagonist!

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five stars of trash!!!!!!!!!

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That was dope!

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Fav South Korea film so far. I'm a female, the violence not only did not make me cringe, but help me feel the pain of the character.

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'Oldboy' is a pure guy flick. Entertaining - tho not for children. Extremely violent. A Korean film. There is also a 2013 remake by director Spike Lee that stars Josh Brolin & Samuel L. Jackson

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The best Korean movie I've ever seen

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iNCREDIBLE film. The acting was superb and the storyline - intense, complicated, yet worth the ride. This has opened my eyes to South Korean cinema. If you like your films 'outside the box,' this is WAY outside. Usually the subject matter would turn me off, but the characters were so fully ...Read more

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5 stars for this????

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Brilliantly-crafted and very gruesome at the same time. Have a taste of South Korean cinema! However, OLDBOY is not for those with a weak stomach!

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Thank you so much Anna.

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yes, thanks

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