Our New President
The Russian Media and American Politics

Our New President - The Russian Media and American Politics
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trumpery is actually a noun meaning deception Movie covers vast amount of media infusion from both Russian and the US + resident in the white house. excellent truth to power in this enlightening film that points out the need for FREE PRESS. bigly in 2019

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Karen Lea

It's frightening. All the news sources were compelled to denigrate our way of life. Talk about "fake" news.. How do they live with themselves?

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Very interesting and intriguing film. We are reminded just how scary propaganda is.

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it's totally brilliant!

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This film makes very compelling viewing if one has first read Facts and Fears, the 2018 book by James R. Clapper, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence under Obama.

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Don't waste your time on this. It's not left or right. It's just boring as hell.

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Unfortunately for Comrade Vlad his orange puppet enjoys support from only 40% of Americans & as seen in the midterms, non-hillbilly America has awoken from its 2016 slumber. Bigly. And no amount of Kremlin Orwellian propaganda is gonna be enough to save "Individual 1". Bigly.

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