Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas
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Stunningly beautiful, deeply tragic and absolutely human in the most fundamental sense. Breathtaking.

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Definitely not Disney or Spielberg, which is why it works. No formula. The thing that keeps riveting your attention is that the plot is always unpredictable, the characters are unique, it never gives away the weird core mystery, the ending or where it will ultimately wind up. It always leaves ...Read more

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I was kind of distracted looking at how to buy raw denim, but jesus this movie rules. Harry Dean Stanton is incredible, and to me is the rightful heir of a certain Keaton-like quiet dignity, that both seems to react to everything society gives it and serve it right back up. Wenders makes ...Read more

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Paris, Texas is a beautiful film with terrific performances and stunning cinematography. Just a masterpiece.

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One of the most distinctive and timeless movies to come out the 80's. Paris, Texas is a serene, slow burning drama that never ceases to amaze in the end.

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Truly so beautiful. It's a movie I can revisit many times. And it was filmed in my hometown!

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Very powerful, very sad. The one of most honest film I've seen about complex relationships and family.

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Ean James

Paris, Texas is a masterful that is truly worthy of its Palm d'Or win. Wim Wenders crafts a beautiful film with help from Robby Muller and fills that beautiful film with wonderful performances from all of its cast (even the kid to a certain extent, although we're not talking White Ribbon ...Read more

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A wonderful service! Quality films/

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