Pasquale Bruni & Lina Fanourakis

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Masters of Fashion and Jewelery Collection
The Masters of Fashion and Jewelry Collection from Exero Films gives us a peek into the world of high fashion and explains what is needed to make it in the business by utilizing several case studies.
Maxence Van Der Bauwede & Florian Wagner
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
MAXENCE VAN DER BAUWEDE Geneva FLORIAN WAGNER Vienna Already as a boy, did Berlin-born Florian Wagner became acquainted with the world of colours and art through his father, owner of the famous "Studio for Mosaic and Glass-art August Wagner". Later, his mother Prof. Jucunda Wagner indroduces him to the craft…
The Land: An Adventure Play Documentary
The Land (2015) is a short documentary film about the nature of play, risk and hazard set in The Land, a Welsh "adventure" playground. At The Land children climb trees, light fires and use hammers and nails in a play-space rooted in the belief that kids are empowered when they…
Living Greener - Episode 25
Part of the Series: Living Greener Collection
'African Geo-Thermal, Mosquito Research, Metals from Waste, Trash into Fuel, Solar Village, Dutch Electric Vehicle
Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements Potassium (K) and Magnesium (Mg)
Part of the Series: Show Me Science Series - Advanced
The Periodic Table is organized with elements specified in rows, or periods, according to increasing atomic number. Metals are on the left of the periodic table, while nonmetals are located on the right. Some in the middle are called metalloids because they have characteristics of both metals and nonmetals. The…
Moche Earspools—Miniature Masterpieces
Go inside the Moche society in ancient Peru and marvel at the beautiful metal jewelry discovered in the Sipan tombs. Beyond the beauty and the sophisticated metalwork of the Moche earspools, the tomb of Sipan gives us a window into Moche society--including sacrificial ceremonies once believed to be purely mythical.
Lalaounis & Roberto Coin
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
LALAOUNIS 4,000 year old tradition of Greek art is kept alive. Age old techniques such as granulation, filigree and hand hammering are used along side modern techniques, to create jewellery inspired by ancient civilisations. ROBERTO COIN Finest handmade gold jewellery with diamonds and coloured stones. Production of necklaces, bracelets, bangles,…
Jewellery Theatre & Andreas Eberharter
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
JEWELLERY THEATRE Moscow ANDREAS EBERHARTER Vienna Andreas Eberharter creates authentic jewellery for real individualists. Andreas Eberharter, goldsmith and sculptor, since 1992 active as a freelance artist in Vienna, Austria. Numerous individual and group exhibits both in Austria and abroad. Founded the AND_i label in 2001. Collections presented at fashion shows…
Anna Maria Camilli & Morris Wartski
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
ANNA MARIA CAMILLI Designer jewellery with an inimitable style. Art and fashion are mixed in an original creative message. Annamaria Cammilli is proposing different collections, where gold alloy is always very original: many different colours of gold, often mixed together. Diamonds pave and 18kt gold are often mixed with original…
3.1 Phillip Lim, Amber Poitier, Desigual and Nicholas K - NYC Fall 2016
In this issue of Videofashion Collections, Phillip Lim designs for the "lady-boss" for his Japanese-inspired Fall 2016 collection. Alicia Appleton presents the debut collection for her jewelry brand Amber Poitier, featuring handcrafted pieces made using leather, wood, metal and acrylic. Desigual looks to the ancient and modern-day metropolis for Fall…
Isotopes and Families of Elements
Discover how isotopes, which are different atoms of the same element, can actually differ in their weight because they contain different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei. Also, learn how different kinds of elements are grouped into both general categories (such as metals and nonmetals) as well as specific chemical…
The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages
Episode 18 of The Nature of Matter
The rise of civilization went hand in hand with advances in the understanding of materials. Learn how the Stone Age gave way to the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age, as ancient people learned to smelt ore and manipulate the properties of metals and alloys.