The Pathological Optimist
The Man Behind the "Anti-Vax Movement"

The Pathological Optimist - The Man Behind the "Anti-Vax Movement"
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To all DYOR. However, as a review, Lamont wrote an excellent review and I share most of his thoughts. I would encourage anyone looking for a stronger connection between the report, statistics, rates, parental claims, etc. to watch Dr. Wakefileds' VAXXED. I believe the movie VAXXED does a ...Read more

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Lamont Alphonzo

This is a very interesting profile of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. First, I would like to touch on the film itself. It was a very well directed and produced film. Wakefield's story is very well told and presented by the producers of this film. Personally, I would have liked to have seen more about ...Read more

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