Peace is Boring
Stories of Muslims in America

Peace is Boring - Stories of Muslims in America
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Peace is Boring
A glimpse into the 1.6 billion Muslims that don't make the news.
Thoughts From a Muslim Veteran
A Muslim Marine talks about America's past, present, and potential futures.
Are You Any Better?
A brief collection of everyday Muslims sharing experiences of discrimination they've faced.
The Proper Context
An Islamic Studies professor/author and an imam involved in interfaith outreach discuss the larger context around Islam, especially regarding scholarship, community, and the condemnation of violence.
Qusay the Refugee
An Iraqi refugee who survived a suicide bomb blast talks about his appreciation for America, and demonstrates his unwavering spirit.

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Anonymous picture

This short series has been a sincere joy to make.

Transfixed by Rumi and the Sufis in college... I've wanted to make a film or two about Islam ever since. The recent, unjustified, ignorant re-rise of Islamophobia has been my opportunity: educating interested parties in the reality of ...Read more

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