Pelle the Conqueror
Pelle erobreren

Pelle the Conqueror - Pelle erobreren
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great story. sad that father and son split up yet this is part of growing up and having the conviction to follow / take a chance on achieving your own dreams for your life

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Five stars!!!

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Masterpiece: The story is compelling, cinematography breathtaking, and the actors are channeling the immigrant experience with such authenticity it feels like a historical "slice of life."

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I missed this in '87 when it was released. I think I appreciated it much more than I could have when I was younger. The acting from von Sydow and the boy is top notch. The cinematography, the landscape, the setting, all so realistically and beautifully done. I finally have a clear ...Read more

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Wow, this was a very heavy film. Who knew that Denmark and Sweden used to be so crappy? Jokes aside, Pelle the Conqueror accurately portrays the harsh realities of European immigration in the mid-nineteenth century (and perhaps even the current realities of immigration in the twenty-first ...Read more

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Sad. Things have not changed very much. Always there is opportunity to exploit and abuse the one who is in a weaker position, then cruelty shows up. And the abuse is commited happily through the hands of those who in principle share the same vulnerability as the actual victims.

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My grandfather came alone to America from Sweden when he was a young man. Beautiful story.

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I realy enjoyed it.

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Gives a good sense of what life was like when there was an abundance of work and a willingness to work was all that was necessary to survive.

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One of the best films of all time.

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Totally agreed. Brought me so many thoughts on first American immigrants.

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