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Concrete reptiles are chasing you and it's 100 metres until the last exit...
If an airplane encounters birds, the birds are normally on the losing end. But what if the airplane is smaller than the bird?
Wallflower Tango
Kalle, a thief who is just about to steel a valuable diamond is caught by the lonely Charlotte. Kalle tries to escape with his haul but Charlotte is not willing to let him go...
Call of Cuteness
All that is outsourced and kept out of sight, gets back to us in this consumerist nightmare. On a global playground the cat's body is devoured. Objects are fetishized & subjects made into things. They are the natural resources of a luxury they'll never know. The bodies reveal the causes…
Apfelbaum (Apple tree)
To prevent his apples from rolling down to his neighbour's house, a gardener builds a wall next to his apple tree in this stop-motion animated short.
In 1962 John Hubley came to Harvard University as the first teacher of animation in the new Visual Arts Center. It was his idea to make a film based on Edwin Abbott's famous novel about life in a two-dimensional world, Flatland. The story is told by the voices of Dudley…
Gott und die Welt (In the Name of God)
Two men happen to face god - something they had never expected. When God leaves they set-out to find a new church, but they find out that they have different beliefs in this animated short film.
Infinite Animation by Adam K. Beckett
A series of films from filmmaker Adam K. Beckett.
The Korean Trilogy by Robert Darroll
A series of films from filmmaker Robert Darroll.
The Taiwanese Trilogy (and more) by Robert Darroll
A series of films from filmmaker Robert Darroll.
Starting point for this work was a performance text for five performers. I decided that the original text dialogue should be recorded and that I would then translate the text associatively into visual imagery. Parallel to this, the composer created a soundtrack from collected material related to the means inherent…
Walking - En marchant
An artist's observation of the way people walk. Ryan Larkin (Syrinx, Cityscape) employs a variety of techniques--line drawing, colour wash, etc.--to catch and reproduce the motion of people afoot. The springing gait of youth, the mincing step of a high-heeled woman, the doddering amble of the elderly--all are registered with…