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Quite a beautifully shot, fascinating film. It's the kind of movie that just leaves you wondering, what is it trying to say.

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The feeling that this film elicits is that of a goal, just barely out of reach. A feeling that is likely shared by the characters within it.

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First half was fantastic, but there was clear plagiarism in the second half. Bergman definitely stole all that confusing shit from Inception.

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This was an interesting psychological thriller. I found the music incredibly creepy and really propelled the movie. It sort of reminded me of the horror movie "Sinister" in terms of the overall feel and energy. I was somewhat unsatisfied with the ending but oh well.

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Yes I'm sure Scott Derrickson was channeling Bergman and Carl Jung when he gave the world another classic in the demonically possessed killer children genre.

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I thought that this movie had an eeriness throughout the entire thing. The music was super scratchy and scary at some points and then it would go into "carousel like" music, which only added to the weirdness. There were some religious aspects that I picked up on especially in the beginning ...Read more

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This film is very aware of itself.

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Yes, it is-in the very best ways! To dismiss this film as pretentious and self-absorbed is a superficial, short-sighted judgement at best, especially since Persona is deliberately made to look like...well....a well-crafted film that explores a multitude of themes including identity, the role ...Read more

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