The Phone Call

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Enjoyed this short film. Loved that Heather was inspired to take action in her own life.

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Incredible. Sad Hawkins is a star.

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Liked it a lot, the seemingly random connections especially, though I have to admit I almost lost patience with it at about the ½ way point. I would like to know more about how the phone call would "change her life forever". Maybe that's in the sequel: "The Voicemail Follow-Up" ;) But ...Read more

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I assumed the phone call changed her life because at the end she is on a date at the jazz club with her co-worker. Remember John asks her "why don't you go anymore?'re not old...". So though the suicidal man's tale was a sad one, it inspired her to "git on up!".

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Tender, sensitive, and bittersweet.

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That ending was very depressing. Great acting.

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so lovely!

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Sally Hawkins is so talented. An early film is the great British crime drama LAYER CAKE where she is unrecognizable as a drug addict girlfriend of a two-bit gangster. Her & Broadbent did beautiful work in this short

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actress is incredibly good at crying but the end was a let down and just pretty boring

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That was something.

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Hawkins and Broadbent. So many fine films between them. Both worked with Mike Leigh

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Beautiful acting.

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Sensitive. Beautifully acted!

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Beautifully made. So grateful to have seen this. Ireland!

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Wonderful! the acting and the ending. :)

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Wow. U gotta see this.

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Well written and a great performance by Sally Hawkins!

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good flick. I liked that the fellow got to die.

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Jeanne, do you consider plausible that the wife entering the house was reuniting with her dying husband and somehow the author of this sad but tender story was equating the final chapter of the senior's life with the beginning of the young couple's life together. A loosely re-encarnation ...Read more

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