The Piano Teacher

Kino Lorber Edu
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Michael Haneke is amazing.

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not my cup of tea folks

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this truly is A french movie. Nothing says more French film like this

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This movie is not for everybody. One of the most intriguing/absorbing movies I have seen. The life of an artist -the piano teacher- who excel at her craft but sacrifices her desires.

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The Piano Teacher is a deeply mythological tale. Only Michael Haneke could have made it, and only Isabelle Huppert could have played Erika. Benoît Magimel is perfectly cast as well.

Erika Kohut shares the name of a renowned psychoanalyst known for his development of 'self-psychology' ...Read more

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love this!!!

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Well that was soul-crushing to say the very least. Don't watch it if you're not ready for something extremely bleak. Huppert is just as intense here as in Elle, and the themes and feeling are similar - only la Pianiste is even darker imo

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I consider myself to be an open minded person, but this is the worst thing I've ever seen

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