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Wonderful. Thank you.

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Well done! I'm caucasian. But this movie and acting put me in the shoes of an Asian American. I could feel the awkwardness they felt.

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Real people, unpretentious, funny, touching, thoughtful. Success.

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This movie has some delightfully awkward moments mixed with genuine grief and human feelings that are lacking from a lot of films today. Life isn't easy to capture, and usually when filmmakers attempt to make something that reflects real human experiences it misses the mark. This one gets ...Read more

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Thank you for this movie! I treasure this! For many reasons: the authenticity of differing qualities of intimacy, the natural course of healing and progress, and the renewed spiritual sense of our immediate legacies in this era of changing structures.

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The Pennsylvanian scenery was superb and the the film gave some insight to the grieving process for those left behind albeit with a twist.

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Amazing. I loved this start to finish. Feels so real, interpersonal, and natural. As an Asian American I have a deep appreciation for this film.

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J.P. Chan

When I lost my mom to cancer, I was devastated with grief. I couldn't imagine anything
worse than a child losing his mother...until I looked up and realized that it wasn’t all
about me. My stepfather had lost his wife. My aunts and uncles had lost their sister.
Countless ...Read more

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