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Pittsburgh Police Short Films
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A Forty Dollar Misunderstanding
Policemen intervene when a woman calls to complain that her boyfriend stole forty dollars. The argument soon escalates as the man refuses to admit that he took any money, and…
Nothing Hurt But My Pride
This film consists of several sequences related to arrests after street fights involving policemen, and discussions of the incidents by the police in cars and at the station.
Twenty One Dollars or Twenty One Days
A man arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest tells his story in night court.
Vagrant Woman
An unemployed woman who has been living in her car is questioned by the police. They offer her advice and finally take her to the Salvation Army.
Henry is Drunk
Pittsburgh police observe a man's questionable driving pattern and request him to leave his car and take a cab.
Youth and the Man of Property
A suburban couple calls the police to intervene after being harassed by a youth
You Wasn't Loitering
This film treats the problem of "loitering." In a number of sequences, police warn youths, police administrators discuss enforcement of loitering laws, officers are insulted, and several youths are arrested.
Two Brothers
This short film shows a family's attempt to resolve a dispute among themselves over a brother's damaged car, after the police have been called to intervene.
Wrong Kid
The police, looking for a suspect, question the wrong youth.
Manifold Controversy
A customer tries to explain to police why he feels he has been cheated out of an exhaust system by a garage owner.

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These films are a view of police officers as instruments for social service for all rather than just law enforcement bringing down on criminals the punishment of the law. They were made for use during group discussions where the police could share their immediate experiences with one another and with…
Urban Warrior
Within recent years, the formerly bright line separating U.S. military operations from domestic police work has become increasingly blurred. From Waco to the WTO protests, weaponry and tactics once reserved for the battlefield have been used in police operations on U.S. soil. "Urban Warrior" investigates the debate over the use…
Booked for Safekeeping
Part of the Series: George Stoney Police Films
Designed to help police officers understand how to respond to situations involving people with mental illnesses. Made with New Orleans Police Dept.
Under Pressure
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Targeted toward police officers, this film discusses personal and emotional problems related to the job. Made with Cleveland Police Dept.
The Man in the Middle
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Shows police how they can work more sensitively with the communities they serve. Made with New York City Police Dept.
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Riding With Madonna - A Canadian Police Woman
Linda Stewart is a police officer who has an amazing career on the mean streets of Vancouver. Her passion for both policing and the people she connects with earns her the nickname 'Madonna'. Come on a virtual ridealong: watch in awe as she softly talks a jumper off a bridge…