Plastic China
The Lives of Recycling Plant Workers in China

Plastic China - The Lives of Recycling Plant Workers in China
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Perhaps, it is Communism, and capitalism that are both false benefactors, in the growth of decay. Through the lens of governments impermanent perfection, and blind egotism, and we that follow.
That leaves common people in squalor for the sake of their country. While feeding those said ...Read more

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Just one look sparks an unimaginable enlightment. And, at first I didn't realize it was only through the eyes of the children working in the plastic factory of their yard, and going to school. I was puzzled what mechanics may have been going on, but now I see it is for one to view it as ...Read more

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So is it a travesty that the subjects of this film did this work to make a living? Or is it a travesty that they may no longer be able to do this work, because a couple of years after the film was released, the Chinese government stopped allowing the importation of foreign plastic waste? [In ...Read more

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Poverty has always been [and likely always will be] rampant worldwide. It is a indeed a travesty that people are more concerned about their own wealth than the lives they impact through their actions..

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Communism at it's finest (Ha Ha)!

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Capitalism at its finest, comrade.

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Agreed. Capitalism is clearly the problem here. Beautiful film.

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That young girl is naturally intelligent and full of positive energy. It's terribly sad to see she can't go to school and will likely be ground down in that crushing poverty. Thanks to EBRPL in Baton Rouge for promoting this documentary - it was moving and rewarding to watch.

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So enlighten, makes me rethink my buying habits.

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Karen Lea

What travesty. I will be more grateful for all that I have

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