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An poignant reflection on life and elephants. A very dark tone overall, not as sunny as the reviewers made it out to be although there were bright spots so it is not suitable for children who love elephants.

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This is a fantastic movie with great acting, directing, and spectacularly shot. Superb editing too, encouraging the viewer to fill in missing pieces. Also, the endearing relationship between the protagonist and the elephant is quite believable. BUT, because children like elephants--- they ...Read more

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A humorous and poignant look at the tribulations and humanity of development contextualized in Thailand. In the early 2000s, upon just arriving in Bangkok, a local, Min, casually lamented to me, 'it is illegal to ride an elephant in the city', as a young boy rode a elephant briskly along the ...Read more

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I enjoyed it, but I was always afraid the elephant would not make it home safely. Many parallel and interlocking themes.

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This movie would appeal to lots of people who love elephants. But I feel worried that children might watch it -- the raw, crude sex scene midway through, followed by another sex scene, are inappropriate for children to see. As an adult, I felt they were unneeded in this film. There should be ...Read more

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I really enjoyed this movie. It was a bit slow but it also had its humourous parts.

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Not what I would consider "a feel-good film", and 40 minutes was too long waiting for one bit of joy . . . grossed out, and saddened.

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Sweet movie.

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