How the Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Sexuality

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For someone who dislikes porn, she sure watches a lot of it.

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I am definitely more aware of the negative impact pornogrpahy use has had on me. The problem is that like drinking, smoking, gambling or drug use there is a definite enjoyment factor. To overcome this there needs to be a greater sustained awareness campaign made in the public health care ...Read more

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NOT appropriate for the classroom. (college)

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Great message. Very honest assessment of the current culture.

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There is some good information here but overshadowed by stridency and tunnel vision. Most horrifyingly, in discussing interracial pornography, Gail Dines makes the following casually racist assumption that taints the whole production: "If pornography is really about the debasement of women, ...Read more

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Extremely well done. Immensely important is an understatement!

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If porn isn't so much about the eroticism of sex as it is about power and sex as a means to shape a kind of sexual consciousness (which ensures female subordination), then I wonder how this applies to porn that isn't just heterosexual? Regardless of how porn distorts how people think about ...Read more

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This was an impactful and meaningful video. The photos and videos are extremely disturbing and I appreciate that she is doing the hard work. I almost had to turn it off at times. The violence towards women and even thinking about whose stories weren't told here, are disgusting. Her argument ...Read more

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Amazing Speech.

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Gail Dines presents her ideas in a very clear way, and it is easy to understand why she feels so urgently. She produces many statistics that are convincing, however she doesn't explain where those statistics come from. Dines' perspective on the issue of pornography is the only one shown ...Read more

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The doc has a few inaccuracies- Dines claims that videos featuring gagging are the #1 act shown in mainstream pornography. If you actually look at the data, the act appears far less often than she claims.

Additionnally, Dines posits that the use of condoms would be unequivocally ...Read more

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