Power to the Pedals - Bike Culture

Power to the Pedals - Bike Culture
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Andreas, Lincoln University, New Zealand

This is an amazing documentary about how individuals and their actions have the inherent power to change entire systems. This is not only about biking and carbon reduction but about the necessity to imagine sustainability as a systemic approach based on individual action. Every town and city ...Read more

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This documentary blew me away!
Wenzday Jane's business idea is astounding on so many levels: it's innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable and it addresses head-on some of our toughest modern-society issues. She is so humble and passionate, I sincerely hope other entrepreneurs will be ...Read more

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I’m very excited to see that the film is effectively used by communities and schools around the world as a model for change, empowerment, economic development, and to validate ways of lowering the carbon footprint. Diverse audiences make use of the film in their own way. It was screened in ...Read more

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