The Price of Pleasure (Edited Version)
Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships

The Price of Pleasure (Edited Version) - Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships
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After reading reviews here, i may not spend a Kayak point on it. I'm going to take issue with some anyway, lol. Statistics (and those researching the) lie, and often. Just about anyone who's been through grad school and classes in mass communication and SPSS scientific data massaging ...Read more

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My personal bias is that pornography and the sex industry have a large negative impact on personal lives and on society as a whole. This video is a decent overlook of the industry and what it is about.
The video has a lot of dirty imagery!!! Be warned!!!

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If you're interested in subjective opinions and personal stories, than you'll probably enjoy this. They claim to make a number of profound points with no actual data or experimentation to support their - which I'll thank the previous comment for the word - rants.

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A ranty anti-porn piece. A missed opportunity to deal with the topic in a critical way with obvious answers not discussed. For example, with the massive explosion in pornography in the last 20 years, why have assault statistics remained stable or declined (if there is a link)? Is also very ...Read more

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