Primary Health Care in Community Health Nursing

Primary Health Care in Community Health Nursing
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Developing and Monitoring an Effective Care Team
Learn how to get the most of in-home and facility based care providers, including strategies to lead care team and professional advisor meetings. Develop strategies and learn best practice techniques to facilitate the client outcomes you are expecting. Learn to do more than monitor care - enhance it! Develop teams…
Comprehensive Care Plan Development
Learn how to develop exceptional care plans that will provide the outcomes your client expects. Get positive client outcomes with proven techniques to ensure your care plans are implemented as intended. Learn how to engage the clients family and service providers in the plan for more effective results.
Competent Care In a Culturally Diverse Nation
Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences (ethnic and religious beliefs, values, and practices) of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures.
Health Promotion: in Aboriginal Communities
Part of the Series: Health Promotion Collection
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. In this programme Dr Sherry Saggers, Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, & co-author of 'Aboriginal Health in Society: The Traditional & Contemporary Aboriginal Struggle for Better Health', argues the case for contextualising poor Aboriginal health within the political economy of…
What is a Geriatric Care Manager (GMC)?
This program contains a practical review of the NAPGCM Standards of Practice & Pledge of Ethics, with real case scenarios to deepen your understanding. You will develop an understanding of how to confidently position yourself as a Professional Advisor with other Professionals.
Risk Management for the Geriatric Care Manager
Attendees will learn strategies to protect themselves from potential liability while practicing care management. Discover risk factors that may impact their potential liability and learn to proactively limit their liability when providing industry standard care management practices.
Community Health and Family Nursing
This collection is a valuable adjunct for use in classroom/seminar settings or in continuing education for health professionals. Audiovisual resources are known to enhance the learning experience of students. This is particularly so when these resources are linked to "real life" experiences, thereby enabling students to connect theory to practice.…
Community and Aggregate Assessment
This video program focuses on the process and issues inherent in assessing a geographic community and various aggregates within such a couumunity, using a partnership approach. The concept and methods of community/aggregate assessment are described, as is the role of the nurse in the process.
Home Visiting in Community Health Nursing
Home visiting is part of the every-day experience of community health nurses. This video program examines the practice of home visiting from the perspectives of both a public health nurse and a home care nurse. Advantages, possible contexts and the phases of home visiting are all explored. Nursing skills and…
Family Assessment in Community Health Nursing
This video program focuses on family assessment within the context of community health nursing practice. In this video, front line community health nurses illustrate the goals, processes, and issues inherent in assessing families. Tools of family assessment are also discussed, such as genograms, ecomaps, and communication/counselling skills.
Family Intervention in Community Health Nursing
This video program focuses on various aspects of family nursing interventions within the context of community health nursing practice. In this video, front line community health nurses share their insights and practice stories, enabling a myriad of community health nursing interventions to be illustrated.
Programming in Community Health Nursing
This video explores aspects of programming in community health nursing. In particular, it focuses on the stages of programming - assessment to determine the need, program development, program implementation and program evaluation. To illustrate the process, community health nurses and other stakeholders discuss a program called "The Healthy Baby Club".