The Professional
Le Professionnel

The Professional - Le Professionnel
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I had to add this- saw this was marked 1 star- maybe not the best ever movie- but a solid 3 star, if you like action movies and Jean-Paul Belmondo. "Saw" is one star, or that new turkey "BookClub" with talented Diane Keaton.. I think JP does his own stunts, Fights and Loves with the best of ...Read more

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Dashing Jean-Paul fit as ever at 48. French Secret Agent battling African dictator, his army, and of Course his own Agency trying to kill him. spectacular Car chase. Fighting, loving like 007. J-P sparkle. Spoiler, didn't like the end. I imagine this storyline was fresher in 1981. Good ...Read more

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So glad this movie is now on Kanopy. This film was my entree' into the wonderful world of Belmondo, Gabin, Delon, etc.

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