An Animated Documentary About Biologist and Artist Ernst Haeckel

Proteus - An Animated Documentary About Biologist and Artist Ernst Haeckel
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Lebrun weaves together the story of Haeckel's efforts to synthesize art and science, using Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" to chart a course of dissonance and redemption. I LOVE this movie.

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Nice bunches of stories. Delightful images. Music overmuch and editing rather mechanical. I have been suffering to enjoy and to need frequent breaks. Will try on but wondering how there could just have been many moments of silence. Or several short films with just one story.

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I stumbled upon David Lebrun's "Breaking The Maya Code" on Kanopy and, loving that, wanted to watch this film as well. Although quite different than Maya Code, Lebrun maintains his status as my new favorite filmmaker with this unique treatment of the perceived gulf between science and ...Read more

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It's hard to describe this film: watch it! It has stunning, almost psychedelic animated sequences that sequence through different radiolaria, the creatures wherein noted naturalist and painter Ernst Haeckel found the unity of beauty and science, or god. This is not a difficult film, rather it ...Read more

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