The Pruitt-Igoe Myth 

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth 
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all social ills resulted from a system of interlocking designs,
and all design is ideological.

In this film, we see what really happened in Pruitt-Igoe, and how various domains of design, from bank policy (redlining and the subsidization of white flight) to ...Read more

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An excellent documentary.

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This was a great film documenting some of the most egregious systemic blows against the black family, and telling the real story of the tenants.

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Great doc. Wish that Pruitt-Igoe had better management. If it did, I could've been a major, MAJOR win for public housing. Alas, because of all the reasons mentioned in the doc, this did not happen...

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Excellent doc.

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AMAZING movie. One of the best I've watched on Kanopy so far.

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Amongst other things, the musical score for the movie is phenomenal.

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I have just discovered kanopy and I stumbled upon this riveting film.

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This incredible doc is one of Kanopy's most popular titles all over the world. If one is to understand where we are with respect to Urban Planning, and all of the related subjects from Gentrification to Design, from Education to Health, it is essential to understand the story THE PRUITT IGOE ...Read more

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Great interviews and firsthand footage. Really good editing.

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