PTSD in Children
Move in the Rhythm of the Child with Frank Ochberg

PTSD in Children - Move in the Rhythm of the Child with Frank Ochberg
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In this video, experts Dr. Frank Ochberg and Dr. Angie Panos give new and experienced therapists insightful and thoughtful suggestions on how to explain PTSD to clients, an essential first step in treating it. They elucidate the next stages and basic building blocks of PTSD treatment, as well as techniques…
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Friends, relatives, and caretakers of trauma survivors often struggle to understand the wrenching depth and complexity of PTSD, even as the fallout from this medical disorder pervades their lives. It can be confusing and frustrating, even heartbreaking, to see those close to us suddenly become unrecognizable, well past what we…
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Traumatic memories invade the consciousness of those who suffer from PTSD, presenting a profound challenge for both the survivor and therapist. In this video, Ochberg explains and models his Counting Method, a simple yet effective tool used to master the flashbacks and intrusive recollections so common in PTSD. During this…
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"While the therapeutic relationship is very important, and an important substrate to the patient doing his or her work, in some ways we may have to be more like plumbers than like priests. And the task of the plumber is to unplug the toilet, not to have a warm relationship…
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