Purple Noon

Purple Noon
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Cinematography is gorgeous, every scene could be a portrait. The last scene is brilliant, highly recommend

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Great film. Better than the Talented Mr Ripley. Alain Delon is awesome.

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However, the talented Mr. Ripley, thanks to Ms. Highsmith, manages to live on in several more of her novels.

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Rene Clement does a very job in interpreting the nuances of Patricia Highsmith book. Also every character is multidimensional, as opposed to the cheesy The Talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella, which filled the movie with morals and cheap tricks.
Purple Noon is a superb film

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Frank Sherman

This movie is supposed to be VERY good. It has one of my very favorite actors in it (Alain Delon) who is so popular in France, we even knew about him in Santa Fe. I remember Ricky was in his Shelby Cobra (red interior) when he was telling me about this new movie I "absolutely" had to check ...Read more

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Only the French have been able to interject the complexities of life into an entertainment. Bravo!

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What nonsense! The book was written by an American. This film version was compelling but it didn't come even close to capturing the "complexities" of human character probed and explored in the book. Just because something is French doesn't make it deep. Camus admitted he based "'The Stranger" ...Read more

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Fantastic film I didn't even know existed. The 1999 film is a favorite so this fits right up there with it. The last scene is superb-I clapped like I was at the cinema.

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Not quite as dark as the novel or the 1999 film, but nicely done.

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Super nostalgic film. Loved the film and wondered if it had any connection to the US film The talented mr Ripley. Off to google I go.

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Beautiful piece of work by director and well acted by all.

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Wow, I was not expecting this movie to be this good. Everything about it is on point, characters, plot, setting. My favorite film on Kanopy so far.

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Anchored by the sensuality of Alain Delon, Purple Noon has the feeling of a forbidden pleasure. It's tempting to neglect the intellectual and get lost in the carnal. Just as how Ripley's gaze looms over everyone else, we are invited to enjoy Ripley with our own voyeurism.
I feel bad ...Read more

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