Queer City
The Lives of LGBTQ New York Residents

Queer City - The Lives of LGBTQ New York Residents
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Genuine and sincere view of real LGBTQ folks showing true diversity. Highly recommend.

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I liked the unpretentious, non-judgmental tone throughout the film, as well as its excellent production quality. It was a relief to be presented with emotional and sometimes controveresial material without ever once being hit over the head with a "point of view". Good going!

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It was alright. I still have a hard time with LGBTQ films because as a gay man , I don't find that they talk about who I am. Some do like Tales of The City. but on a whole they have not told my story yet.

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This is a beautifully simplistic and lyrical film. There have been so many movies in recent years that feign an activist agenda through histrionic victim narratives and uninspiring melodrama. Queer City demonstrates this is not necessary. With intimate and moving portrayals that span multiple ...Read more

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Did you really mean to use the word simplistic? It means oversimplifying.

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A moving, expansive film about LGBTQ life in New York City today. A wide range of lives and voices in a riveting documentary, which brought me into the homes and lives of people I'd otherwise never have met. Important for our times when we need understanding of each other now more than ever.

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I live and work in New York City and this film took me to a place I've never been. Highly recommended and entertaining.

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A terrific movie, smart and varied and real. A necessary antidote of true American lives in the age of Trump. This is what we're really like. I cannot praise it too highly. All of the New Yorkers here are remarkable, but I especially loved Mr. Pam (the filmmaker), Geoffrey (the painter), and ...Read more

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