The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth
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Very well done film. Bruno Laurence was fantastic. His reaction to the event was authentic. Really connected with his struggle.

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Compelling, finely tuned. I remember this playing at my local rep theatre (remember those) but I never saw it. A clever thought provoking movie that just shows you don't need a bazillion dollars to do some classic sci-fi. Like reading a good Harlon Ellison short story.

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Sure, the tech is dated now in 2018, it was made in 1985. This was back before everything was CGI. I always find these thought-provoking. How would any of us react in such a situation? Nice twist at the end, I didn't expect that.

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I love apocalyptic movies. This was good but it felt a bit too dated and a bit too low budget and I felt pulled out of the experience. This film is begging for a remake with a more fantastic set location (Austin or Chicago perhaps) and more emotional angst from the lead.

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Enjoyed it. The music/score was really good. Yeah, countless iterations on this theme but worth viewing till the end.

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What a tight little "what if" that covers ground done by other similar movies (looking at you Will Smith) but with more heart. "God it's good to see someone. Um hmm", what a GREAT scene!

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More of a Donnie Darko ending than a Planet of the Apes ending like I expected, but breathtaking nonetheless. Plot of a typical sci-fi schlock, but aesthetics, locations, and tongue-in-cheek (?) religious references make it worth a watch.

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Wonderfull! The beach scene reminded me of another scene, probably a tribute, from the Jodie Foster film where she crosses the universe to meet a higher form of alien life. This is more imaginative if you take into account its time frame.

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Hey, good point man!

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I enjoyed it!

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This is a brilliant and gorgeous film!!!

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Enjoyed it even though the plot was a very familiar one.

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