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The pacing is dated. The film improved considerably in its second half, but even there, it spent far too long conveying far too little. Multiple shots of the same movements conveying the same information, over and over. The sound quality is terrible. Perhaps a film historian would note that ...Read more

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Watch it. 5/5

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Mark M.

incredible film that investigates the uncertainties of testimony.

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Perplexed? Not sure who to trust? Good. That's what Kurosawa had in mind. He keeps the settings simple to prevent further complicating the narrative, if you can call it a traditional narrative. How would you tell the story had you been there?

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This well developed story tells the murder and rape of a woman committed from one man but Kurosawa and his crew members take the case up a notch by giving several perspectives on the case, creating an entirely new effect called the Rashomon effect. May be slow for many viewers considering ...Read more

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It insists upon itself.

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Not as fantastic as I remembered it. Still a great story with the fabulous Toshiro Mifune.

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The nature of woman, is to follow the strongest. This why women were the spoils of war. She played it brilliantly, from a moment of resisting, to an orgasm, to setting two men against each other. Then crying , lying, crying, and lying again. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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It also appears that the nature of man is to post their idiotic thoughts on the internet.

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Well said.

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Unfortunately, the sexism present in this comment is very much an accurate reflection of the film, and the reason I don't care for it whatsoever despite its craftsmanship. Rashomon's gender politics really are repulsive, and were as much then as now.

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Agree w/u.

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Frank Sherman

I don't necessarily understand what REALLY happened. BUt apart of me thinks that's not important. WHat's really important is the way I Felt, in my seat. Very good. Very good. Classic.

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Conflicts in testimony. Who can you trust? Whose stories will you choose to believe? Great to see where the film technique "Rashomon effect" comes from. In RASHOMON, director Kurosawa allows the viewer to decide for themselves what the conflict and resolution is for the story.

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Kurosawa's Rashomon may have been parodied to death by a million spoofs in television and movies from across time, but despite all this it remains one of the most stunning works of Japanese cinema ever produced. There may be a million imitations, but there is only one original and it can't ...Read more

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Akira Kurosawa'a Rashomon is easily one of my favorite films of all time. So happy to see it in Kanopy's library. Have been trying to get ahold of this film for many years, but its not available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies or Hulu. So glad to have been able to watch this masterpiece again ...Read more

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Not enough action

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dude at the end of the movie was definitely stealing the baby. he was walking off smiling like "i'm about to sell this baby!"

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eh, not as good as i remember.
still well worth the viewing.

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Such a web of deceit that people can be caught in. What a dark portrait of selfishness and lies. Even in death! Amazing film!!

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this film is crazy! can't tell what's real and what's not.

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Great movie. Who has the truth? It's a mystery.

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i agree. this movie is great

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Every new testimony given in the movie upends the audience's expectations and further complicates the narrative, with varying, conflicting stories that bring into question the truth and the way that the truth affects the final outcome. This exploration of truth lends to a larger examination ...Read more

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The music was what stood out to me most, as it maintained such a prevalent role in the entire film. The film really took a interesting look at both human decency and the manipulation of story wether truthful or not.

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Great. I see why this is such a highly acclaimed film. It had great technique (the change in score, lighting for different stories), premise ( subjectivty, honesty and justice) and finally story telling ( loved the scene with the medium freaking out). I've seen it before and will see it again ...Read more

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I really enjoyed that the story was told from many different angles. It is very much like how the world has always been. There are two sides (in this case 4) to every story. It doesn't necessarily mean that each side is wrong (most times) but that they just saw it play out in different ...Read more

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I really enjoyed this film, it really brought to life a period of Japanese history I wasn't familiar with before. I found the camera angles very interesting at points, the film did a good job of making the woods around the scene of the crime feel overpowering and deep.I really liked the use ...Read more

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I thought this was a good movie. I thought it was cool how the movie was told from many perspectives. I really enjoyed the music and the rain. The rain really added to the effect of the suffering and the humanity, or lack thereof.

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Great movie, very interesting way to show the story from multiple perspectives. Really interesting camera angles. The heavy use of rain in the present scenes add a interesting and real effect to the scene. Just as good as Seven Samurai.

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the original sin. No one is perfect and human beings are selfish. Great film!

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Great movie.

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I loved the score, some of it was totally a rip-off of Ravel's "Bolero" but whatever...

This movie was good for me. Excellent sword fight. Amazing performances. Just watch it already... <3

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A very intense downpour into suffering/human nature. I appreciated being able to increase the speed - bottom right - during the viewing. It must be a function of this being an older film, things were taken in more slowly in 1950. Merci.

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Love Rashomon. He was such a remarkable humanitarian and director. This was pleasurable to revisit after many years. So glad to find the Criterion Collection here!

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Great movie! I loved the part in the movie with the medium. Highly recommend, 10/10, 5 stars, 4 stars, amazing production by Kurosawa. Congratulations to him for winning an Oscar for this superfluous movie. I recommend you watch Throne of Blood next. Also a wonderful movie!

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unless you think the film unnecessary, I think you mean superlative as opposed to superfluous.

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We'll never know what really happened in these woods... 4 witnesses, 4 different stories! Kurosawa really nailed this confusing tale to show that humans lie to live with themselves.
Loved the use of pouring rain as a mechanism to distinguish between present time and flashbacks!

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Ken M.

Pretty good

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